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Mission of Khmer M'Chas Srok


To build this sovereign peace, Khmer M'Chas Srokapproach is based on:

a-    Building concrete solidarity among all Khmers in order to confront the fatal danger threatens our nation: the disappearance of the Khmer identity.

b-    Restoring the sovereignty, the independence, the national fundamental rights of Cambodia, its territorial integrity in accordance with the international recognition of Cambodia’s land and maritime borders in effect since 1970; and

c-    Building good governance in order to improve the livelihood of the Khmer people, which have been materially and emotionally ruined. To do this, the Khmer M' Chas Srok undertake to:

ARe-examine the redistribution of the land to the people which have been illegally appropriated, as well as the long-term concessions land contract.

ACombat all forms of injustice and impunity of all offences and crimes.

AFight poverty and corruption;

AEnsure sustainable and equitable development to effectively benefit Khmer people;

AEnsure the full enjoyment by the Khmer citizens of their moral, intellectual and social advancement through the full respect of their human rights;

AReform in depth the public administration, the judiciary, the armed forces and the police so that they will faithfully serve and defend the country, the people and the Khmer Nation for their legitimate interests and inviolable rights so that Cambodia becomes a genuine State of law.  

d-    The restoration of the dignity and of the legitimacy of a free, sovereign, independent, democratic Khmer people with its citizen rights fully granted; 

e-    Protect and expand due practice of the Buddhism Religion, the spiritual tradition of our ancestors and the foundation of our identity and our national culture and civilization; 

f-     Drive out all elements of foreign forces who had settled – de facto – in structured groups in our Cambodia’s territory;

g – To ensure due and strict enforcement of the rules of law in force in the Kingdom up to 1970 particularly the law on immigration and make additional developments of the laws necessary to ensure Sovereignty of Cambodia.

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